Kenilworth vehicles targeted over weekend

Residents are warned that crime is continuing to take place in Kenilworth. Southbank Road Neighbourhood Watch have reported this morning that criminals were active between 0100hrs and 0500hrs on Sunday morning (5 August 2018).
Police are investigating several reports of interference and crime with parked motor vehicles in the area near to Bridge St, Southbank Rd and School Lane, Kenilworth. At this stage it is understood that some vehicles have been broken into but as yet it is not clear what if anything has been taken and what the scale of the damage to the vehicles is.
These latest events demonstrate that criminals are operating in our town and we need to keep vigilant at all times. Please report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.
Kenilworth Watch News would particularly advise all residents to REMOVE all valuable items from motor vehicles including things like mobile phone charger cables or sat nav holders – these items left on view suggest to a thief that devices such as phones, tablets or sat nav device maybe in the vehicle so they will break in to see if they are so they can steal them.
Don’t put temptation in sight of these opportunists, remove all valuables and secure your vehicle.
If you think you might of seen anything suspicious or have any information about these latest events then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.

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