Praise for Kenilworth Police & Community

Quick thinking and vigilance by members of the public together with a prompt and effective response by the Police have led to praise from Kenilworth residents on social media.  Members of the community that acted in the way they did and Warwickshire Police have both been commended for the way in which they respectively responded to events that unfolded in Kenilworth earlier this week.

One resident, commented on Twitter  “Vigilance, public support and prompt police response – couldn’t agree more for the incident in Kenilworth, the police acted unbelievably fast”.

While another resident commenting on another social media site said “Great work between the community and our police”.

The key elements that arise from this weeks events demonstrate clearly that vigilance by members of the public combined with prompt action in reporting anything suspicious can lead to positive results. We would stress the need for the public not to do anything that would put them at risk themselves, this is never advised.

It’s much more about common sense and a sense of public duty and this week residents in Kenilworth have demonstrated what can be achieved when the community and its police service come together by supporting and helping one another.



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