Kenilworth Green Bin Collections Suspended

Please be aware that Warwick District Council have announced that “Green Bin” (Garden Waste) collections will be suspended for one month commencing from Monday 6 April 2020.

This means there will NO Green Bin collection this Monday for those areas in Kenilworth that would normally have such a collection. There will also be no Green Bin collections at least for the rest of April too. 

This is the statement from Warwick District Council issued on 3 April 2020:

“One unforeseen consequence of this emergency has been the increase in material being put out for waste collection and recycling.  Work practices also need to be updated to ensure staff safety in respect of social distancing.  Both these issues now require a fundamental change in our waste management service.

Garden waste (green bin) collection will therefore be suspended for a month from Monday 6 April to ensure resources are focused on clearing household waste and recyclable material, as scheduled. You will need to present your recycling bags and boxes as normal, but there will be new crews collecting on some routes, in a different van which holds all the materials together. Rest assured that these are then sorted and separated at the recycling centre.

We’ll review all available resources to re-introduce the green bin service as soon as possible. Regular service updates and other useful information will be provided on the waste service disruption page. ” < click on that link if you wish to know more.

Please do not send any comments or questions to us at Kenilworth Watch, these should be directed by clicking here onto the Warwick District Council CONTACT Portal                                                          




2 Replies to “Kenilworth Green Bin Collections Suspended”

  1. The Warwick Council website states that Green Bins will be collected as normal, can you please clarify as friends are asking me if this is correct. Thank you. J. Philpott

    1. We are sorry but the Warwick District Council website is quite clear – Green Bin Collections are SUSPENDED from Monday 6 April 2020.

      If you click on the link shown as “waste service disruption page” in our original post and email that we sent out today it takes you to the WDC page that sets this out clearly.

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