Kenilworth to feature on BBC One’s Frontline Fightback

KENILWORTH is due to be featured in the TV programme Frontline Fightback on BBC One at 11am on Easter Monday 5 April 2021. 

The programme, which is about how police and communities are fighting back against crime and criminals, will feature Kenilworth Watch’s CCTV Register scheme which was developed by and given to the town by neighbouring Finham Neighbourhood Watch, Coventry.

With around 1,100 people across Kenilworth now signed up to Kenilworth Watch, the group which works closely with Warwickshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team for Kenilworth, is one of the largest neighbourhood crime alert notification schemes in the County.

The key element of Kenilworth Watch is their 24/7 automatic emails and tweets the moment a crime alert is issued for the Kenilworth area.


2 Replies to “Kenilworth to feature on BBC One’s Frontline Fightback”

  1. An interesting piece on the beeb. If in anyway the general public can assist our under resourced police it gets my vote
    CCTV and dash cameras are relatively in expensive considering the value of the asset they protect.

  2. Frazer. Could you add us to the CCTV list and dash cams. Thx. C Drew If you reply I’ll send our address.

    Sent from my iPhone


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