Warwickshire’s Kenilworth is switched on about crime prevention & detection…

KENILWORTH WATCH works alongside Warwickshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Team for Kenilworth and provides 24/7 crime alerts for the town. The Watch system, a modern internet, email, and social media-based service, was featured on BBC One on Easter Monday and repeated on BBC Two earlier this morning (6 April).

As a direct result of the broadcasts, over 60 more residents have joined Kenilworth Watch in the past 24 hours. Some 1,260 homes in and around Kenilworth are now part of Kenilworth Watch and crucially will receive up to date crime alerts 24/7.

A further five residents have joined the CCTV register that Kenilworth Watch also operates; this takes the number of Kenilworth households registered with CCTV to around sixty.

A Kenilworth Watch spokesperson said

“We are pleased that so many members of our town are so community-minded and are part of Kenilworth Watch. With such a high and growing number of households signed up for our free service, we can ensure that we help keep the town safe, deter crime and support Warwickshire Police. The CCTV register is a cracking example of how we can help our police by reducing the time they spend investigating crime and getting them closer to a result”.

For anyone who has not seen the BBC broadcast here is a link to BBC iPlayer and the Frontline Fightback programme. The piece about Kenilworth starts at around 28 minutes into the programme.



7 Replies to “Warwickshire’s Kenilworth is switched on about crime prevention & detection…”

  1. A fabulous scheme for Kenilworth and what a brilliant feature on the BBC programme! Pleased that we have now joined the CCTV register. Well done to all involved 🤗

    1. Hi Nigel, Just email crownwatch@me.com with name, address, postcode and a telephone number and we will add you to the register and reply back to you with a standard email explaining things in more detail. Thanks for your enquiry.

  2. Huge thanks must go to Fraser Pithie for his foresight, determination and sheer hard work in bringing all these excellent ideas together and also to all those who work with him to make us feel so much safer in Kenilworth.

    1. Judith, Thank you for posting such very appreciative and kind comments in response to the latest email notification. I am pleased to help my community and it’s because of people like you, if I may say so, that are genuinely appreciative and who care about their community that it makes all the work and effort worth it. Thanks again and best wishes – Fraser

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