Attempted Burglary

The need to remain vigilant at all times has been reinforced further by an attempted burglary that took place between the 31 January and 1 February. Offenders were thwarted because of good security measures that made things difficult. However, they caused damage in their attempt to gain entry to a home.

A spokesperson for Kenilworth Watch said “This latest event shows we all need to keep a close eye on what is going on around us, if it looks suspicious it probably is so report it immediately on 101. If you can clearly see a crime is being committed, their is damage to property taking place or danger to persons then use 999.”

Lindisfarne Drive, Kenilworth

There was an attempted burglary at a home in Lindisfarne Drive some time between 31st January and 1st February. The offender/s smashed the rear external door but could not gain entry through a further internal rear door. The offender/s had also tried to gain entry through the garage door. This is Incident number 0329 01/02/2018

If you witnessed the above incident or have any information then please call 101.



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