Two Cars Stolen from Burglary + Attempted Burglary – Kenilworth

Two incidents took place in the early hours of Friday morning (22 June) in Kenilworth leading involving an attempted burglary and a burglary that led to two motor vehicles being stolen.

These events demonstrate that offenders are in our midst and looking for opportunities to commit crime against householders and householders property.

Attempted Burglary – Butchers Row, Kenilworth

At just after 02.30hrs on 22 June, three youths, all in dark clothing attempted to break into a home in Butchers Row, Kenilworth.  The noise woke the occupants of the house and the offenders made off down Monmouth Close towards Elmbank.

Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth

At 02.45hrs on 22 June, the residents of a home in Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth heard a banging noise at the front door and then saw two of their vehicles being driven off the driveway.  The offenders had smashed through the front door and stolen the keys to the vehicles.

Residents are advised to remain vigilant at all times. If you have any information about either of these events please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


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