Thefts and Burglaries in Kenilworth continue..

Over the past few days and nights criminals have continued to operate across Kenilworth. The majority of criminal activity has concerned the theft of motor vehicles, and/or property from them. These latest incidents have occurred across different parts of the town.

Moss Grove, Kenilworth – Incident 81 of 29 June 2018.                                                       Overnight of 28/29 June 2018, offenders stole a Toyota vehicle from the driveway of a home in Moss Grove, Kenilworth.  The owner of the vehicle still has the keys.

Randall Road, Kenilworth – Incident 106 of 30 June 2018.                                            During the night of 29 into 30 June 2018, offenders broke into the carport of a home in Randall Road, Kenilworth and stole a bicycle and a laptop computer.

Lower Ladyes Hill, Kenilworth – Incident 119 of 1 July 2018.                                      Overnight 30 June/1 July 2018, offenders broke into a home in Lower Ladyes Hills Kenilworth through a cellar window.  The offenders then entered the hallway of the house and stole the keys to an Audi vehicle.  The offenders made off back through the window and used the keys to steal the vehicle from outside.

Herbert Bond Drive (off Clinton Lane), Kenilworth – Incident 55 of 2 July 2018  Between midnight and 6am on 2 July, offenders broke into a vehicle parked on the driveway of a home in Herbert Bond Drive, Kenilworth and stole several items from inside.

We need to help ourselves and deter these crimes as much as possible. While Kenilworth Watch will continue to press police for a greater presence equally we must emphasise that there are a number of things that householders can do to deter criminals and save themselves from becoming the next victim. Ask any of those victims of crime in Kenilworth if they thought it would happen to them and most will say they “NO” – but it did!

There are some key points for residents to consider;

  • If you treasure your vehicle then consider investing in a decent immobilisation system. If you have paid thousands of pounds for your vehicle then why are you loathe to spend a further £110 on something like this Disklok that really puts off car thieves. They are simply not going to try and spend time trying to get this off your steering wheel which they need to do to steal your vehicle.Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 09.20.42 copy.jpg
  • Don’t leave ANY valuables in your vehicle event though it might be outside your home and/or on your drive. If you own a van then reverse the vehicle up against another vehicle or your home so its virtually impossible to open the rear doors.


  • If you have a keyless entry system for your motor vehicle or keys that act like a remote control to lock and unlock your vehicle then consider investing in a ‘Faraday Cage” or signal blocker pouch – a metal box or metal covered pouch that prevents thieves intercepting and ‘talking to your car keys’ whilst they are in your home. These are available upon Amazon for under £10 – again if you have paid thousands for your vehicle why not pay a few more pounds to help keep it safe.


  • Don’t put your car keys down just inside the front door. Thieves know all the tricks and if they are really interested in your car they will try their best to steal it. Fishing through letter boxes to hook up keys is one of their techniques – Don’t make it easy for them.


  • Consider a ‘monitored’ burglar alarm, they can cost under £1 a day and they deter thieves from ‘visiting’ your home. Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 09.46.37 copy.jpg

If you have any information regarding these latest events in this alert then please contact Warwickshire Police on 101.


One Reply to “Thefts and Burglaries in Kenilworth continue..”

  1. Happening too often on Kenilworth, where are the cameras entering Kenilworth and leaving, these people must be seen on camera.

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